GN209 Remote Real-time Intelligent Micro Seismograph


GN209 remotereal-time intelligent micro-seismograph is one high precision 32-bit ADC wireless node acquisition box. GN209 use the method of natural source surfacewave (micro motion) detection and triple circular array observation system. GN209 boxes are arranged on the circumference. When using the SPAC (Spatical Auto Correction Method) method, the radius of the circle array is called observation radius R, and the detection depth is H. There is usually thefollowing relationship between the detection depth H and observationradius R: H=(3~5)R. The purpose of microdynamic single-point detection isto obtain the shear wave velocity and interface depth of the formationmedium below the detection point. Also known as micro motion detection.

The data can be stored in acquisition box locally. Asa new natural source surface wave method, our micro node seismograph use theinnovative design ideas of separation of geophone and acquisition box. This canfully meet the demands on the replacement of geophones with different low frequenciesfor different seismic exploration targets, such as 10Hz,5Hz,2Hz, 1Hz,0.5Hz or0.1Hz.

Each GN209 micro node seismograph can support max 3 channels surface wave geophones or 1 unit three-component signal geophone. Itis very flexible in the projects. About the power supply, we can choose theinternal lithium battery or external battery power supply to realize the longtime continuous work without manual intervention.

Now our GN209 micro node seismograph is widely usedin different seismic projects such as urban geophysical seismic, geothermal, exploration in goaf (collapse, karst, etc.), active fault investigation, earthquake disaster

prevention, civil engineering (groundinvestigation), evaluation of site stability etc.

Product Photos:


                                   Acquisition Box                                                                            1Hz Geophone



1) Based on 4G network, wireless remote real-time datatransmission to a portable computer or data monitoring center, real-timeMonitor and evaluate the effect of micro-movement data (real-time calculationand display of dispersion curve) with high efficiency.

2) According to data quality, real-time intelligentoptimization, remote modification configuration instrument operatingparameters, to achieve the best exploration effect. 3) High precision 32-bit ADconverter; Ultra-low electronics noise, less than 1.2 microvolts (0dB, 1mssampling); The precision synchronization error of each station is less than10ns. 

4) Highsensitivity (> 200V/m/s), low frequency detector (0.1hz).

5) The exploration depth depends on the radius of the acquisition platform array, and the exploration depth can be from a few meters to 5,000m.

6) It is widely applied to urban underground space exploration, geothermal oil, gas and coal resource exploration and karst cave exploration without artificialseismic source, goaf exploration, mineral resources exploration, and variousshallow or deep geological exploration.



Channel per Box

Max 3 channels surface wave geophones or   three-component geophone

Data Storage

Standard 16GB(Continuous storage can reach more than 30 days.)

ADC Converter

Σ-Δ 32-bit

Gain Gears


Sampling Frequency

125、250、500、1k、2k、4k、8k、16k、32k SPS

Maximum Input

±2.5V (0dB gain)

Dynamic Range(dB )


Noise Level

0.06μV RMS(@250SPS,×16 gain)

Common Mode Rejection(dB )


Rated Input impedance

20K Ohms

Working Temperature


Rated Power Consumption

2W (acquisition and data transmission)




2.5KG(including battery)