GE201 Electromagnetic Instrument


GE201 distributed high precision data acquisition and recording system,single box support 2 channels(electric and magnetic) or 3 channels (three-component collection).It can be suitable for cabled real-time digital transmission or wireless storage mode. This system suppprt maximum 100 channels and can be real-time acquisition,local storage for a long time. Each  channels synchronization precision error is less than 15ns.And the sampling rate is from 10µs~8ms.

(1)Wireless node design:

 Wireless node acquisition box. The data can be stored in acquisition station locally.

 Channel space is not restricted.

Compared with cabled system, it reduce the weight and volume of the system. And it is convenient of fieldwork, more lighter, flexible and efficient.

(2)High precision:

 32-bit high precision ADC, reduce the quantization noise of instrument itself, improve the instrument SNR.

 By acquiring GPS time and location, it can realize multi boxes synchronization function, the synchronization error is less than 15ns.

(3)High efficiency:

Our product support hundreds of channels. We can make the instrument in order at a time to collect the electric and magnetic field data between the electrodes. However, centralized electromagnetic data acquisition system can only be segmented to collect data. After some data acquisition, you need to make the whole translation many times, then you finish the thousands of meters distance projects data acquisition between two electrodes. Compared with centralized electromagnetic data acquisition system,GE101 greatly improve the work efficiency and save the operation cost.

(4)High stability, support any source: 

 After several times of experiments, it improve show our instruments high stability. And it support any source.

(5)Real-time monitoring, configuration, recycle data conveniently: 

 Connect the node box network port to the computer, make the parameters configuration of the single node box and real-time monitoring data.

 And you can recycle data through network port.

 Typical Applications 

Metal mineral resources exploration 

Geothermal resource exploration 

Engineering geological investigation 

Oil and gas exploration 

Groundwater exploration