Intelligent exploration equipment and service

Providing advanced technology and equipment for geophysical exploration
Make the earth more transparent

Hefei Guowei Electronics Co.Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in geophysical exploration devices’ research and development, production and sales, also provide technology support for worldwide customers. 
Our core technology team comes from the State Key Laboratory of the USTC 

It’s a young, motivated, and creative team consist of many physicists, geophysicists and software experts which have been responsible for China’s 863 Program, Key R&D Program and Natural Science Foundation for many times since 2002. We are committed to providing the most advanced geophysical exploration technology Strong R&D capacity is our core advantage. As of now, our team has obtained 74 intellectual property rights authorizations, including 14 invention patents.

We are the first company in the world who makes the 4G real-time remote transmission technology comes true.

Glad to share you the news that our Alibaba online store has officially launched, website address as 

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Engineering Investigation
Surveying and mapping, surveying and testing the topography, address and hydrology.
Resource Survey
Identify the deep buried structures and investigate the oil and gas resources and deep geothermal resources.
Geological Assessment
Detection of underground karst cave, fault fracture zone, collapse column, goaf, etc.
Microseismic Monitoring
Based on the microseismic event of rock fracture, the location of micro fracture of underground rock and the corresponding earthquake occurrence time are located.

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