Geothermal resource seismic exploration in Hanshan Anhui,China

ProjectProfiles and Parameter Design

●Location: Hanshan Maanshan,Anhui,China

●Task: Geothermal resources seismicexploration

●Date:Jan. 15—Feb.5,2016

●Parameters: Sampling interval 0.5ms, sampling timelength 1s, offset 20m, channel space 5m, shooting location-70m, -50m, -30m,-10m,10m, superpositiontimes 6 times, artificial hammer source, seismicreflection wave method, rolling operation along the line direction, rolling 8 geophonesat a time.

●FieldCompany: Hefei Guowei Electronics Co., Ltd.

●Data Processing: Geophysical&Geochemicalexploration institute in Anhui Province,China


Field Testing



Processing Result



1. The blue line - Bedrock surface; 2. The yellow line - Bedrockdown reflector; 3. The red line –Fault



1. The blue line - Bedrocksurface; 2. The yellow line - Bedrock down reflector; 3. The red line -Fault