GS201 Distributed High Precision Land Seismograph



Industry PC

Master Box

Cross Box

Acquisition Box


Connection  Diagram:


GS201 distributed high precision land seismograph adopt the 32-bit high precision Σ -Δ ADC,which can support  4000 channels under 1 ms sampling interval. It  can be suitable for ten thousand channel 2D and 3D seismic exploration. The instruments contain industry PC, master station, cross station, acquisition station. The connection structure is very flexible and light. Exploration depth can reach from several meters to thousands of meters. And it contains is applicable to the seismic work such as reflection, refraction, surface wave exploration, pile foundation inspection, pulse, seismic imaging, vibration measurement and wave velocity (shear wave) test etc. The instrument has been widely used for different areas engineering geological exploration such as water conservancy, electricity, roads, railways, bridges, urban construction, transportation, groundwater and resources exploration such as oil, coal, coal-bed methane, shale gas, metals andnon-metallic mineral.

Through the laboratory and field-proven contrast testing, the main technical parameters have reached international advanced level, some of them are leading international.


Range of Applications:

1, Foundation, Subgrade and Foundation Engineering Detection

Foundation and subgrade cavity survey and of lava exploration, foundation soil classification and disease geological survey, foundation rock&soil medium physical layer survey, foundation reinforcement effect and roadbed backfill RCC quality survey, bedrock buried depth and concealed geological structure exploration

2, Tunnel Projects Detection

Tunnel route survey and surrounding rock classification, concrete lining quality inspection, bottom of the tunnel inspection and advanced monitoring and detection, vibration monitoring.

3,Large and Medium-sized Reservoirs Detection

Dam hidden trouble detection, reservoir sedimentation survey and desludging sedimentation effect inspection, large and medium-sized water conservancy construction detection

4, Bridge Projects Detection

Pier foundation type survey, abutment pile foundation concrete quality inspection, bridge vibration monitoring.

5, Environmental and Geological Hazard Detection and Evaluation

Mined-outarea, landslide, karst, landslides, active fault survey.

6, Metaland Non-metallic Mineral Exploration

7, Coal, Coal-bed Methane, Shale gas, Oil and Other resources exploration 2D and 3D Exploration


Typical Applications:

1, 24,48, 96 channels distributed shallow seismograph, small refractometer、surface wave  instrument

2, 96-2000 channel 2D engineering seismic or 3D resources exploration